07 Jun 2016

International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP)

Information relating to use of the ICVP for yellow fever vaccination International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP)

Note: Currently, under International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR), yellow fever (YF) and poliomyelitis are the only vaccinations that can be recorded in an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP).

The information that follows relates to use of the ICVP for YF vaccination.


Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres (YFVCs) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will receive a corresponding number of ICVPs with each order of YF vaccine placed with Sanofi Pasteur MSD. There is no additional charge for ICVP ordered this way.

Additional copies can be ordered via NaTHNaC’s online shop. There is a small charge for ICVP ordered this way.

In Scotland, YFVCs receive a corresponding number ICVPs with each order of YF vaccine placed with Sanofi Pasteur MSD. There is no additional charge for ICVP when ordered this way.

Additional copies of the ICVP can be ordered from Health Protection Scotland online or by calling the Travel Health Section (yellow fever) on 0141 300 1137.

Completing the ICVP

The ICVP should be completed in either English or French (and additions to the ICVP may be completed in another language in addition to English or French).

Traveller details

In the spaces provided:

The travellers’ details should be as they appear on their passport.

Citizens of some countries are issued with a national identification (ID) document, and this information can be entered on the ICVP if appropriate.  This is not applicable for British nationals and the space for national ID document should be left blank.

The recipient of the vaccine should sign or make a mark for their name. If the recipient is a child, the parent or guardian can sign on the child’s behalf and mark the signature e.g. parent/guardian.  Signature does not imply consent, but ownership of the ICVP.

Vaccine or prophylaxis details

In the spaces provided:

The vaccine or prophylaxis must be stated as e.g. yellow fever.

The date administered must be written as e.g. 1 August 2015 with the month written in full.

Either the Responsible Supervising Clinician (RSC) or other authorised health worker (doctor, nurse or pharmacist) can sign the ICVP.

The manufacturer and batch number of the vaccine should be recorded.

Certificate validity must be stated. When the vaccine is given for the first time, the ICVP becomes valid 10 days from the date of vaccination.

As of 11 July 2016, the ICVP is valid for the life of the person vaccinated [existing ICVP written at any date before 11 July 2016, will be accepted as valid for life, and should not be altered in any way].

Country requirements for an ICVP for YF, together with information on certificate validity, are listed on TravelHealthPro Country Information pages.

The official stamp of the administering YFVC should be entered in the space provided.

Example completed ICVP for yellow fever vaccination

*As of 1 January 2017 Stamaril ®(yellow fever vaccine) is a Sanofi Pasteur product


Re-issue of ICVP

It may be necessary to reissue an ICVP in some circumstances.

Either the original YFVC should reissue the ICVP, if still designated or the ICVP can be reissued by a different YFVC.

Re-issue of the ICVP must be completed by a doctor, nurse or pharmacist. Information about the original vaccination must be available (e.g. copy of patient record, vaccination booklet, or communication from a health professional in the original centre).

The following information is required:

  • Vaccine or prophylaxis (i.e. YELLOW FEVER – this should be the disease you are protecting against. The name of the vaccine should not be entered).

  • Date of original vaccination (NOT the date of reissue)

  • Signature and professional status of supervising clinician (i.e. the health professional reissuing the ICVP). Please note, the health professional is signing that they agree the information on the reissue is correct.

  • Manufacturer and batch no. of vaccine or prophylaxis (it is the responsibility of the health professional reissuing the certificate to check that the batch number matches a recognised YF vaccine batch number – it may be necessary to contact the vaccine manufacturer to confirm this).

  • Certificate valid from and until (valid from and until is calculated from the date of the most recent yellow fever vaccination, NOT the date of reissue). This may, therefore, need to be written as 10 years where the original vaccination was administered before 11 July 2016.

  • Official stamp of the administering centre reissuing the ICVP (this may not be the original YFVC). In every case it is important that the health professional reissuing the ICVP is satisfied that the traveller is adequately protected against YF.

If details are incomplete or unavailable, revaccination should be considered following the usual risk assessment.

Specialist advice should be sought if revaccination is being considered within four weeks of the original vaccination.

When there has been a name change since the issue of the original ICVP (e.g. marriage or divorce), this should be verified by checking the appropriate official documentation. 

First Published :   07 Jun 2016
Last Updated :   22 May 2017

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