25 Nov 2015

Medical letter of exemption

Medical letter of exemption from the requirement for an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) Medical letter of exemption

Where a health professional advises that an individual should not be vaccinated on medical grounds, a medical letter of exemption (MLOE) should be provided which should be taken into consideration by the port/border health authorities in the destination country.

The ICVP yellow booklets used in the UK contains a template for a MLOE; this can be completed and stamped at designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres (YFVC).   

It is not a requirement that MLOE is written by the YFVC; it is acceptable for a health professional supervising the care of an individual, but not working in a YFVC to provide this documentation if appropriate.  In such instances, the MLOE can be written on headed paper of e.g. a hospital, clinic or medical centre (see example template below). 

Sample Medical Letter of Exemption

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